Clean energy is being robbed by limitation!

Edited 5-5-20

The oil companies aren’t the only ones against abundant clean energy

What is more important, keeping your rights or saving the planet? Actually, both are just as important because one cannot exist without the other.

Keeping our rights is mandatory in order to insure that we can even fix Anthropogenic Global Warming. Without the right to the pursuit of happiness, we refuse the economic means to afford scientific solutions to whatever problems that might pop up. The current pandemic is happening because our leaders were not quick to instantly mandate social distancing. In like manner, our biosphere is going to heat up to a point where only urgent actions could cool it off unless we act now to prevent it (we don’t want to blast a bunch of sulfur dioxide in the upper atmosphere to reflect sunlight to offset extra CO2 caused radiative forcing)!

To be sure, the solution to a pandemic is NOT the same as the solution to fixing AGW. It is actually the opposite of merely sitting around doing nothing! In fact, the global pandemic has only decreased CO2 emissions by a small amount because we use electricity, get clean water, use gas to cook and even use the car to buy food which requires all these same infrastructures to produce. We also use a bit of energy watching and interacting with media. And people can order things made in factories. The point is that mere conservation within the dino paradigm is NOT a solution.

Only the industrial mass manufacture of clean energy components can stop global warming which gives us the power to eradicate poverty, too

Unfortunately, we have some errant thinking concerning global warming solutions. Most believers in AGW think that we have to reduce our energy demands. Doing so merely reduces our economic output, the tool to creating better science based solutions, like better solar, bigger wind, better batteries and far more efficient and safer nuclear. We can not let the minimalist or socialist ideology to rob our awesome American future with their preventing the above vast clean energy options. We can not become confused and polarized because a few silly birds want a nonsensical New green deal because it does not promote large scale clean energy. Only the free market (with some rules embedded) can build molten salt reactors, big wind, big solar and better batteries.

For starters, there’s Stanford biologist Paul Ehrlich who said concerning (the prospect of) cheap and clean fusion energy.

Cheap, inexhaustible power from fusion is “like giving a machine gun to an idiot child,”

Now, that’s the epitome of how fear and ignorance goes hand in hand! Next, we have actual environmental groups trying to restrict energy.

Greenpeace does NOT want fusion which would be FAR better than fission in every aspect (except maybe, price).

“Governments should not waste our money on a dangerous toy,” Jan Van de Putte of Greenpeace International said when ITER was announced in 2005. Van de Putte predicted it will never be efficient – so why bother?

Spokesperson Bridget Woodman said: “Nuclear fusion has all the problems of nuclear power, including producing nuclear waste and the risks of a nuclear accident.”

Statements like that prove that Greenpeace is not to be trusted because they also deny the science. Here’s another piece of evidence showing their blatant disregard for humanity’s future prosperity.

A secret memo written by the Sierra Club’s executive director proposed a strategy of fear-mongering to make nuclear expensive. “Our campaign stressing the hazards of nuclear power will supply a rationale for increasing regulation… and add to the cost of the industry,”

Wellock, T. R. 1998. Critical Masses: Opposition to Nuclear Power in California, 1958-1978. Univ of Wisconsin Press.

You could argue that an environmental organization might not have to balance the pros and cons of nuclear, that all they really have to do (at the largest scale) is promote solar and wind. However, Greenpeace knew that nuclear was needed (at the time) to overcome global warming.

“If the U.S. is to meet its ever-increasing demands for energy, while reducing the threat of climate change and reliance on overseas oil, then the American nuclear industry must be revitalized and permitted to grow.”

Different leaders of Greenpeace, I guess…

Now, to exasperate things , environmentalists are also against large solar! Believe it or not! Commenting about a compromised solar project, Supervisor Anthony Botelho said

“This would have generated much-needed revenue. All you have to do is drive down there and see the conditions of our roads. We have minimal amounts of public safety. This was going to be a big thing, but the rug was pulled out from under us. And it was all done in secret.

The environmental groups should have been our allies,” Botelho said. “They are the ones pushing the state to reduce carbon emissions. I just don’t understand it.”

And Greenpeace was one of the groups calling it a “win-win” for scaling down thatsolar project!

Environmentalists use wildlife as an excuse to limit our clean energy needs

I understand the concerns of local environmentalists because we need to preserve nature the best we can. However, environmental leaders should be helping out with ways to protect wildlife from much needed RE construction. Instead of solutions, (it seems) they’d rather see us continue the use of fossil fuels which ultimately will destroy the entirety of ALL wildlife via AGW. They even accepted fossil fuel money! Again, I’m not opposing local environmentalists around the world, just their leaders who oppose the advanced nuclear options and the large scale solar/wind/battery options!

The oil companies aren’t the only ones against abundant clean energy

About fireofenergy

I like to promote enthusiasm for science because it offers the solutions to both economic and environmental issues, and with abundance. The tech is just about here for complete transition from fossil fuels but too many people are caught up in the political polarization to effect a realistic and positive change. Fake news created a parallel universe. Science is not a conspiracy theory. Science is what made the USA great!
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