Trump Seeks to Dump Wind Power

His admin is “ordering a sweeping environmental review” of the offshore wind industry. What a Freaking idiot! Like a bunch of wind spinners are going to cause pollution! They don’t ban fossil fuels, and now, they can’t because they are banning that which is good and needed to replace fossil fuels with. They are in effect, using “fisheries” as an excuse to continue polluting the biosphere with oil.

Here’s the link and if anyone sees this, just say NO! to trump, and instead DUMP trump!

About fireofenergy

I like to promote enthusiasm for science because it offers the solutions to both economic and environmental issues, and with abundance. The tech is just about here for complete transition from fossil fuels but too many people are caught up in the political polarization to effect a realistic and positive change. Fake news created a parallel universe. Science is not a conspiracy theory. Science is what made the USA great!
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