Oil companies aren’t the only ones against clean energy

Posted on April 5, 2020by fireofenergy

A sustainable world is one powered by solar, wind, batteries and molten salt or other breeder reactors. Biofuels can not generate enough energy to power the world and power their own production. Research should be conducted to invent even better of all these, and fusion (but biofuels must be recognized as filling only a small part of humanity’s needs). A sustainable world also has enough clean energy to remove its excess CO2 from the atmosphere and recycle everything via plasma gasification facilities. Minimalist “energy is bad” ideology is anti-sustainable (since more energy is needed to be truly sustainable).

Only clean energy can power futureworld. Only a free market (with some but not too many rules) can provide the economic means to build clean energy. And only the environment can provide both (we must not allow global warming and pollution). These are the “3 E’s” to which humanity must obey. They are the pillars to a growing humanity which does not cause tragedy of the commons.

We can not allow minimalism or socialism to obstruct any of these objectives. Following is evidence that shows that socialist ideology has firmly planted its seeds into our free market principles which seek to build walls against clean energy The oil companies aren’t the only opposition to an awesome futureworld! Thus, a forth component to a sustainable world is one free of planned scarcity (socialism). I do not know how to prevent that other than to post links so that we can spread the awareness that political agendas use global warming and “sustainability” as an excuse to create planned scarcity…

Anti clean energy environmentalists

Environmentalists against solar power

Giant California solar project cut back after environmentalists oppose it

Even Environmentalists Are Cautious About 100% Renewable Energy Plans

Exclusive: How the Sierra Club Took Millions From the Natural Gas Industry—and Why They Stopped [UPDATE] | TIME.com

Greenpeace on fusion: Whatever it is, we’re against it

Los Angeles has lined up record-cheap solar power. But there’s a problem

And on advanced nuclear (read the last few paragraphs). Experts See Nuclear Energy as Cure for Global Warming

Major U.S. Offshore Wind Projects Still Face Hurdles

Here is a link about what started the great divide… Republicans Learn the Perils of Being Politically Incorrect on Climate Change

And here’s a video about the green new deal people trying to use a pandemic as an excuse to push their unscientific nonsense!

Opinion: The Next Coronavirus War

Oil companies knew about global warming. Shell’s warning from 1991.

Shell Oil’s Stark Climate Change Warning from 1991

About fireofenergy

I like to promote enthusiasm for science because it offers the solutions to both economic and environmental issues, and with abundance. The tech is just about here for complete transition from fossil fuels but too many people are caught up in the political polarization to effect a realistic and positive change. Fake news created a parallel universe. Science is not a conspiracy theory. Science is what made the USA great!
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